The School of St. Jude.

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Founder and Director: Gemma Sisia
The School of St. Jude, PO Box 11875, Arusha
Phone: + 255 - 754 - 566 - 136




In 2002 The School of St Jude opened in Tanzania with just three students and one teacher. Thanks to world-wide support in just seven years St Jude’s has expanded to have three well-equipped campuses (two primary and one secondary), around 150 excellent teachers, 1300 students and one of the best academic records in the country.  St Jude’s offers a free, high quality education to children from the poorest of the poor families in the area. Without a scholarship to St Jude’s these children would struggle to escape the spiral of poverty into which they were born. Sponsors and donors from across the world cover the cost of a student’s tuition, books, uniform, stationery, transport, excursions, meals and boarding.