Spiritan Mission Seminary

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The Spiritan Missionary Seminary is situated at Njiro Hill, about 8 kms from Arusha town.  The seminary began in 1985 as a facility of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost who have worked in Tanzania for 138 years, and the first intake of 27 students took place in October 1986.

Two buildings were complete when the seminary opened; other buildings were added later: the kitchen and dining room (1987); first dormitory block for 40 students (1988); second dormitory block for 40 students (1989); chapel and library complex (1992); staff house (1995); two lecture halls (1998); and a social hall (2000).


Academic Programme

The programme was first conceived as a two-year philosophy course following the model of the diocesan seminaries.  The first five groups of students followed this programme.  In 1991 the programme was changed to a three-year course to allow for more detailed study of philosophy and with a view to affiliating with the Urbanianum.  The affiliation was complete in May, 1994, and the first group of students sat for the Bachelor in Philosophy (B.A.) examination in June, 1994.  Today the Institute offers the following subjects: philosophy, human sciences (study methods and methodology, general psychology, social anthropology, sociology, and Introduction to computer), Languages and religious studies.  Currently the number of students is one hundred and forty three.


Growth of the Institute

Since its foundation in 1985, the Institute has continued to grow.  Today we have seven participation groups of religious congregations and societies who have sent students here and participating actively in the academic programme.  Students come from: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia.  In the past we have had students from India, South Africa and Papua New Guinea.  The number of students continues to grow annually.  Past students are now working in over ten countries in Africa, providing education, assistance to refugees, comfort to those affected by AIDS and development in nomadic areas.

Recent developments

Without doubt, we live in an age of mass consumption (certainly in Western Europe), not only of material goods but also of knowledge   and information.  Never before have so many been able to exploit such vast amounts of knowledge.  The education system, the media and the advanced forms of information technology make access to this knowledge ever easier. It should not be forgotten, however, that this is only a recent phenomenon and only a small minority of the sub-Saharan African countries have access to this facility.  Recently the Institute installed an IT facility for education purposes.  With the availability of the Internet, the computerisation of the library is well under way, and the Institute could look into the possibility of having access to electronic archiving materials.   


According to its Statutes, the Seminary is the responsibility of the East African Province of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost.  The present Provincial is Fr. Evarist Shayo, C.S.Sp., P.O. Box 7590, Arusha.  The Provincialate is situated in the Archdiocese of Arusha where the present Ordinary is Archbishop Josaphat Lebulu, P.O. Box 3044, Arusha.

The Academic Board consists of the Rector, Bursar, Dean of Studies, and all teaching staff, and deals with the day to day running of the academic programme, timetables, exams, grading, etc.  The Dean of Studies chairs it. The Seminary Board consists of the Rector, Bursar and Dean of Studies, the Rectors of participating institutes, a representative of the teaching staff, and two student representatives.