Last Updated: 27 November 2005

About EOL
Tech Talk


Age: 17
Sex: Female
Level of Education: Form four


Information Technology is global or worldwide communication, which was developed to make communication easier. Information Technology is very important to my life and the community.

To start with employment, Information Technology provides many people with employment.  Actually, computers are very important to me.  If you are not well educated as a student you may take a computer courses at any place and become an employee.  Internet cafes or stationeries for printing and other works like cards making needs people to do all of those activities.  Without Information Technology, the whole of the activities will be nonsense to people but because of information Technology people do get employment and earn money.

Moreover, this Information Technology is important because it provides me with learning facilities. Take an example of a website, As a student, I am supposed to work hard in my studies.  Books and teachers are not enough for me to perform well. I also need Information Technology.  I just go to the Internet room, go to Google Search then type After that, what happens is levels of education either A level or O level.  Myself I will click O level.  Thereafter I will click the class level as a form four student.  Then I will choose the subject to study and a topic that I want to deal with.  After I finish reading, I will ask for questions regarding the topic and read or try to do them as a work from the topic.  At the end of that what follows is to click X and go back to the class for other works.  Can you just imagine how Information Technology is important to my study!  That is why I really appreciate it since it is a clear help to my future life.

In addition to that, Information Technology makes communication easier, through sending e-mails via Internet cafes.  Things which are known as e-mail providers like yahoo, hotmail, Christ link, Agumba, just to mention a few help me and my community for communication.  Take an example of a student with a sponsor outside our country Tanzania.  Writing letter will be a long process for him or her.  Also it may take a long time while someone needs help within a day.  Through the process of sending e-mails, your request will be answered as soon as you sent it.  Also people who are in need of friends from abroad may use this great opportunity of e-mailing them and exchanging ideas.

Lastly, I can say proudly that this great Information Technology helps in refreshing our minds.  After the work you did the whole day, you or I need something to refresh my mind.  I just go to the internet, listen to music or playing some games like The Runner, Super Mario just to mention a few.  Dont you think that is great?  I think it is good for everybody.   Leisure time is to do what your heart and mind feels like doing.

By concluding, I can say that all of us should to use Information technology.  Come all and join the technology, which is very important to my and your life.  It is a quick and easy way, which brings the world into a small village.  Also it is a good thing for you and me as a student to use as a learning facility.  Use it for life and just appreciate it as a great deal for our everyday life.