News 2003: Quarters 3 and 4

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Report Elimu On Line Workshop 'Internet for Education'
8.2 Presentation Group II
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This group chose to utilise the flip chart for their presentation.
1 Problem: The group discussed the ongoing problems with electrical supply and the havoc that frequent power cuts cause
Solution: The group suggested alternative electrification including utilisation of solar energy sources
2 Problem: The high cost of internet materials is oft times a prohibitive factor for schools and other institutions when attempting to obtain quality programs
Solution: The group suggested that sponsorship for internet subscriptions might be possible
3 Problem: The group pointed out the ongoing problem of  inadequate numbers of  PCs for both students and teachers
Solution: 1.   The group suggested that grant proposals could be written and presented to select donors for acquisition of more PCs
2.   Possible renting of PCs was also mentioned as a solution to the problem
4 Problem: The group discussed the sometimes prohibitive cost of both the establishment and maintenance of computer labs
Solution: The group suggested fund raising* and donations as a possible solution to the problem

*EOLer Charlotte suggested several possibilities for fund raising that both students and teachers can participate in including talent shows,  fashion shows and raffles.