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Last Updated: 11 November 2003

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Opening of Library Home page

04 December 2002.
Mr. Robert Mafie of the UAACC shows the Regional Librarian and her colleagues the home page that UAACC developed.  It should ensure safe and effective browsing by students.  Click here to see the result!

Prize for submitting URLs

04 December 2002.
Charlotte Hill O'Neal, Cultural Director of UAACC, receives her prize from Alex Righolt, Director of A&A Computers Ltd..  She won the contest submitting the most valuable educational web sites.


Training of St. Joseph's Ngarenaro Secondary School teachers

16 November 2002.
Two teachers of the St. Joseph's Ngarenaro Secondary School will attend a free course at the computer training centre of A & A Computers Ltd., starting in January 2003.  They will also receive training materials they can use at their own school.  A & A Computers Ltd. offer free training to two members of staff of each institute connected through the EOL. 



Assistance to the Arusha Regional Library

10 November 2002.
Beginning November 10th, five UAACC computer graduates and their instructor offered assistance to the Arusha Regional LibraryAFAM Ltd., Moivaro Lodge Ltd., A&A Computers Ltd sponsored this activity. 
Robert Mafie wrote the report below.

As of early this month UAACC graduates who are also members of UAACC Habari Club had a volunteer project at Arusha Regional Library. The purpose of the project was to educate the staff of the library to make the best use of the internet as an educational tool and hence be able to share this knowledge with the public who use the internet services at the library. 

The first day was used mainly to survey. We learned that people are using the internet mostly as an tool of communication in the form of e-mail or chatting. The crew then projected their mission to train the staff mostly of other uses of the internet in the form of web searching for educational material while trying to avoid bad sites;  porn sites, fights and other junk stuff on the internet.  
Arusha Regional Library is also a benefactor of the philanthropic effort of Arusha Node Marie in which UAACC have shown a good example in making the best use of the internet in every conceivable way educationally. The EOL group delegated to overlook the use of internet in places offering internet services for free, of late have recognized the need not to only police the use of this tool but to try to find ways to guide users in the right channel in utilizing this service.

One way is to have these institutions, schools or organizations share their knowledge with others to attain this goal. UAACC was the first to volunteer in this plan with the library project.  
The crew, after being introduced by Charlotte Hill O’Neal to the head librarian Mrs. Laboke, began by general cleaning of the temporary internet files in the form of cookies and other downloaded unused files which had piled up over a long period making the computers run slowly and freeze from time to time. They did all this in the presence of the staff, at the same time showing them how to do this by themselves.

Following the project plan, they had two members of the crew going every day for a further two weeks to keep on training the staff in all possible ways of surfing the net for educational material to finally creating a homepage for the library computers linked with educational web pages and basic library rules. The home page is done in a simple way with the understanding that most people who surf the web have little or no knowledge at all on navigating around the web. On the page are also links to various specially selected sites that could be relevant to teachers, students, doctors and general public educationally.
The crew comprised of Yusufu Mlemba, Soreal Elias, Neema Sahila, Salehe Antony and Robert Mafie and was led by their instructor Deb Kelly.  They commented that this was a great project not only for the library but also for themselves for it gave them a challenge on dealing with different situations that arise with computers. They called upon the board to design more such kind of projects to create a spirit of cooperation and sharing in the society.



Building a Culture of Learning and Sharing… through the Internet

16 November 2002, by Charlotte Hill O’Neal

Elimu on Line (EOL), the philanthropic committee of Arusha Node Marie recently organized an excursion to the United African American Community Center (UAACC) in Imbaseni Village for representatives of several institutions in Arusha who are presently benefiting from free Internet connections granted by Arusha Node Marie (ANM). ANM is a Non-Profit Making Society offering Internet services at cost since 1994. The philanthropic services of ANM provides free Internet access to education oriented institutions and facilities in the Arusha region. The following is an account of that afternoon excursion to UAACC.

My husband, Pete O’Neal, often reminds me that several years ago, in the days when computers and the internet first made its presence known in the Arusha community, I thought all that new technology stuff was ‘no big thing’ and certainly nothing that I would have anything to do with. I have always been a pretty good typist and even in those days when I would have sore fingertips from banging out letters and articles and poetry on our manual typewriter, (with plenty of white out and reams of paper on hand), I chose not to heed my husband’s predictions that computer technology would soon change the world. I was truly blind and could not see the use of that new fangled machine called a computer!  

That seems like ages ago! Now…how could I do without the ease that this technology allows me to edit my writings, twisting and turning sentences, moving whole pages around at will! It still blows my mind sometime!

Couple that with the fact that the Internet has enabled us in Tanzania and other countries in the heretofore technologically disadvantaged world, to finally begin to bridge the education/information divides that have hampered our advancement in many spheres for so long. The libraries of the world are now at our fingertips! At the click of a mouse, we can learn, at our own pace and at the time of our choosing, about any and everything from the intricacies of outer space to the anatomy of an ant!

"We must make this known to our young people, the fact that the Internet is far more than having the ability to send email messages to friends!" commented Mwalimu Lema, a teacher at the Technical College Arusha. "We must strive to build a new culture of Internet learning in our schools and community at large!"

Many of the leaders of our cultural and educational institutions gathered together at UAACC on November 14 for just that purpose…to discuss ways and means to build and strengthen this new Internet culture. We were there to figure out ways to transfigure the very fabric of our society…to positively influence the thinking of thousands of students in Arusha (and of course their teachers!) who might have the opportunity to take advantage of the global Internet revolution that has redesigned our lives in so many ways.

There were representatives or directors from several of the institutions presently benefiting from the free philanthropic internet connection including the Arusha Public Library; the National Natural History Museum; Mt. Meru Hospital; St Joseph Ngarenaro Secondary School, the United African American Community Center and the Technical College Arusha. Other institutions also enjoying full philanthropic internet connections include the Mental Health Department at Mt. Meru Hospital and the Center for Educational Development in Health, Arusha (CEDHA).

EOL members and hosts for the afternoon gathering included Mzee Christopher Tarimo; Charlotte Hill O’Neal; Alex Righolt and Monique Janmaat.

In an effort to show by concrete example how effective the internet access can be, the group was taken on a tour of UAACC beginning with a presentation in the computer class by Mwalimu Robert Mafie illustrating the great versatility in learning available on the Internet. It was shown how the many sites used in all educational departments at UAACC including the computer classes; art and crafts classes and the English classes have greatly informed and influenced learning activities from on line high school courses to mural painting and quilting designs to the newly established writers exchange with DeLaSalle Education Center in Kansas City, one of Arusha Sister Cities. (Students and teachers from UAACC and DeLaSalle are currently exploring and learning together about the traditional Japanese poetry called haiku…an activity that would have been nearly impossible before the advent of Internet education.)

During lunch, there was a briefing and discussion about the work presently being done at the Arusha Regional Library by UAACC teachers and computer class graduates including the creation of a home page that will make available to the public rules and regulations of the library and a listing of recommended educational websites.

"The offering of a list of educational websites is an important innovation," says EOL member, Alex Righolt of A & A Computers. "This will surely stimulate good usage of the internet by both educators and students!" To take the issue to another level, Righolt challenged all attending the meeting to submit their five favourite websites to EOL before Nov. 22nd. "The winner will receive a mouse mat plus infra-red mouse!" he announced amid excited applause.

The afternoon’s lively discussion produced more ideas and suggestions including EOL’s offer to coordinate training and technical assistance for institutions in need and practical solutions to dissuade students from misuse of the internet services by seeking out pornographic sites and chat rooms.

All of those attending expressed great interest in organizing more gatherings of this kind, perhaps every three months. The next proposed training seminar is planned to take place at the Natural History Museum sometime in February.
# Name Institution # Name Institution
1 E. Laiser Mt. Meru Hospital 14 Alex Righolt EOL, A&A Computers Ltd
2 M.P. Kasomba Mt. Meru Hospital 15 Agnes Righolt Director A&A Computers Ltd
3 Joyce S. Laboke Arusha Regional Library 16 Chris Karis UAACC teacher
4 C.F. Temba Arusha Regional Library 17 John Masawe UAACC teacher
5 O.A.M. Lema Technical College Arusha 18 Perpetua Wiliamu UAACC teacher
6 V.W. Meena Technical College Arusha 19 W. Kabwogi UAACC teacher
7 F. Mangalu Natural History Museum 20 M.A. Mbise UAACC teacher
8 Sr. Mary Shaija St. Joseph Ngarenaro Sec. 21 A.N. Nyuga UAACC art teacher
9 Sr. Kusum St. Joseph Ngarenaro Sec. 22 S.E. Nguto UAACC teacher
10 Pete O’Neal UAACC Director 23 Robert Mafie UAACC teacher
11 Charlotte Hill O’Neal EOL, UAACC Director 24 Debbie UAACC teacher
12 Monique Janmaat EOL 25 Adrian Mwaikambo UAACC art teacher
13 Christopher Tarimo ANM / AFAM Ltd.      



Technical College Arusha

21 October 2002 - Technical College Arusha:
Students attending the Information Management, Analysis & Presentation course in Arusha. The Course is part of the curriculum designed for the Community Economic Development Program offered in partnership by the Open University of Tanzania & Southern New Hampshire University.