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Arusha Technical College is a centre of excellence that provides a national and international high-level human resource through exemplary competence based Technical Education and training. Arusha Technical College (ATC), formerly Technical College Arusha (TCA) was established in May 1978 according to the Education Act no. 25 of 1978.

The College Background
The period between 1978 and 2005, the main function of the college was to train students to the level of full technicians, to do researches and consultancy works. In 2006 the full technician program (FTC) was completely phased out by National Council for Technical Education (NACTE). The college is offering competence based engineering programs leading to Ordinary Diploma (NTA-6), in addition to that currently the college offers research and consultancy.

Our Students
Entry Requirements

Admission Requirements

The college draws its students from all regions in Tanzania who have a technical or science bias and passed well in their Ordinary level Examinations. Few places are also available for in-service applicants.  Applicants from other countries may also apply through the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.  Successful candidate may qualify for government sponsorship if applied in advance under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. Private sponsorship is also acceptable. The following are the minimum requirements for admission to the College for the Ordinary Diploma Courses.

 Pre-service candidates

Candidates must posses Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) with good passes in Mathematics, Engineering science or Physics and Chemistry. These are selected by the Ministry of Education and vocational Training

 In-service candidates

Applicants channel their applications through their respective employers. Self-employed applicants are required to route their application letters through District Councils or Sponsors. Candidates with minimum CSEE qualifications are required to sit for an entrance examination in Mathematics, Physics and English.

 Pre-Access course

This is a special programme for students who would like to join engineering courses. This is an eight weeks programme. Successful female candidates qualify for the government sponsorship and Male students are private sponsored.

 Degree programme

Admission to the programme will be open to candidates, who have an Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 6) in Civil Engineering or equivalent as may be approved by the ATC governing board.

The Management Team

ATC strategic objective is to develop and deliver high quality, relevant courses that are accessible and responsive to the diverse needs of students, industry and external agencies. To achieve this the College is under the following Management team:


Eng. Dr. R. J. Masika. PhD (Struct. Eng.) (Hungary), MSc. (Eng) (Hungary), FTC (Civ. Eng) (DTC) PrEng. (ERB).

Ag Deputy Principal - Academics

Dr. Masudi Senzia

PhD (Civil Eng)-UDSM, Msc (Civil Eng.)-UDSM, B.Sc (Civil Eng)-UDSM, Urban Ecology-Copenhagen University, DK, Teaching Certificate (Morogoro), Registered Eng with ERB, MIET Specialization: Sanitation and wastewater treatment Major Projects: WSP (SIDA SAREC), ROSA (EU)

Ag Deputy Principal - Finance & Administration

Mr. G. Y. Sambayukha M.A. (Education) (UDSM), B.Sc. Ed. (Hons) (UDSM), Dip in Ed. Adm. (FRG), Cert. Ed Economy and planning (FRG), Diploma in Ed. (Iringa)

Human Resources 

Mrs. Zakia Issa Ndidi Dip Ed (MTC), BEd.Sc (UDSM), MBA (Greenwhich)

Registrar of Students

Mr. T. Kengia Masters of Education (New Castle – Australia), B.SC. (Ed) (UDSM), Diploma Ed. Adm. (FRG)

Dean of Student

Eng. H. Shirima (Mrs) M. Eng. Civil (Canada), BSc Civil Engineering (UDSM), Adv. Industrial Training (FRG), FTC in Civil Engineering (TCA)


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