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Last Updated: 29 November 2003

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Homework Help for Primary Students
Homework Help for Secondary Students
Homework Help for High School Students

Study skills
A fun website that helps with study skills!

Learn how to find things, have fun, and be safe on the Internet.

Fun games to play
Games that help you learn!
Games for Primary School Students
Games for Older Kids

Language sites
Swahili links
A fun way to learn tenses, rhymes and grammar
A great interactive story game called Monster Motel
Hangman, word searches and crossword puzzles
An online dictionary
Excellent games for learning grammar
Stories and poems by young people from all over the world

Science sites
Animated, informative films about science, health and technology
A site all about electricity
Lots of science facts and links to other science-based sites
Enter the miniature world under the microscope
Subscribe to this site for an interactive tour of the solar system

Geography sites
Results of the Tanzanian 2002 Population Census
Images of cities and landscapes taken from space
Information about different countries
Plenty of maps at different scales and some aerial photos
Return wild animals to the country of origin
Lots of environmental related puzzles, experiments and activity ideas
Meet children from different cultures

History sites
The Story of Africa: the history of the continent from an African perspective
Internet African history sourcebook
Learn about important people and periods of time
Find out about the ancient Egyptians

Find out about the ancient Greeks

Loads of arty ideas
A music-based games site for all ages
Quilting and Textile Lesson plans from an Ethnic Perspective
Projects and Activities for Children
Fabric Crafts with Children
Decor projects, guides, tips and more!
Wood crafts, needlepoint, paper crafts, children's crafts
gourd artists websites
Stained glass patterns
Crafters community
The art room
Various surface design techniques
African bead work