Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School.

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Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School,
P.O. Box 7131, Arusha, Tanzania.

Headmaster: Brother Frank O'Shea
: Brother
Paul Follas

Web:  www.edmundrice.habari.co.tz

Article by Br. Frank O'Shea: Tanzania's Crisis in Education
January Newsletter:  Computer Internet Lab now open!!!

Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School: a concept

Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School is more than a school.  It is a concept that is grounded in some universal values and human aspirations.  Included here are:

bulletThe human person is made in the image of God.
bulletPerfection of the human person is successful only in a community context where harmony and respect abound.
bulletAll life is sacred and the dignity of the human person is part of this principle.  He / she needs education in the spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and psychological areas of life to mature fully.
bulletHuman beings are caretakers of all natural resources for all generations.


The initiative for a secondary school came from the village leaders as early as 1984.  In March 1988 the school began in some existing rooms of the primary school.  The school is owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha.  The funding of the building largely came from the Congregation of Christian Brothers.  At present the managers of the school are from Australia and New Zealand.  In 2003 the school has an enrolment of around 630 students.

The school buildings

The school is located five kilometers from Arusha town centre, in north-eastern Tanzania.  The buildings that make up the school include:

11 classrooms
2 science laboratories
1 Administration building with staff room
1 Agriculture workshop
1 kitchen
1 large multi-purpose hall
1 Vocational Training Centre
1 special education classroom